VHL Midway Season Update 2014


Christmas has passed and there still is no sign of snow.. Luckily, hockey starts again tonight, and today I will be writing about the halfway mark of our 2014-2015 season.

I’ve been in this league for 6 years now, and never have I seen standings this close before. It’s nice to see everyone working so hard to get that title. Trades have been made, especially from The Master of The Mantice Rapture who, at no surprise, has Edmonton Oilers v Philadelphia Flyersthe most trades of the season, and barely has any players left on his roster that he originally drafted. He has swayed back and forth on the teeter-totter, deciding whether to throw in the towel for the season or to commit and go full out for the title this year. Based on his track records as of late, I’m sure the entire league knows his goal now. Steven Glanville has done a tremendous job acquiring veteran players like Toews, Datsyuk, and Zetterberg to his roster to help with the scoring department while adding superstars like Giroux. It’s quite an exciting ride to see datsyuk-toews-600all the trades he has managed to pull through, although I fear his future assets and his roster for next year will pay the price and hurt from this championship run with no 1st or 2nd round picks. But that’s how it’s done right? “Go big or go home?” Only time will tell.

An interesting story comes from the new expansion teams of this season, the ZuZu Zendsbees and The Dirty Rascals. Both GMs have their teams on each side of the spectrum. ZachParise-POTWWe have the ZuZu Zendsbees leading the league with 2594.4 PTS. It’s nice to see the success of this team, despite the odds of coming in with no superstars. Alex Hendsbee has made some good moves to acquire assets like Zach Parise, and I hope to continue to see his success with his team. Having 3 starting goalies RINNE_672_030314(Luongo, Holtby, & Marc-Andre Fleury) has definitely been the deciding factor in this case, while Pekka Rinne has been phenomenal for the Shut Your 5-Holes.

Malkin has been consistently producing, although he is in his final year of his contract… We’ll wait and see if any major trades are done within the Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 6.24.55 PMnext few weeks or at Trade Deadline from their GM Nick Williams.

On the other side of the expansion team spectrum, we have Dalton and The Dirty Rascals, who made some moves before the Christmas holidays, and I’m quite pleased with them all. The GM has taken the ride in last place well, and has been acquiring 786x517building blocks for next year, such as acquiring young forward Alex Galchenyuk, and defenseman Victor Hedman from the The Master of The Mantice Rapture. Corey Crawford is now back from his injury, so we will see if any teams hurting in the goalie department will take a chance on grabbing the Chicago goaltender from his roster.

Team Titty City has been rumoured to be actively shopping Steven Stamkos as he is in his final year of his contract. It’s been an up and down ride for the GM as his team can’t seem to hold on to the top stop. The goaltender is the heel to his Achilles, and with the Christmas holiday having more free time for GM’s around the league, it will be interesting to see where a lot of players who are also in their final year will go. Players such as Ryan Getzlaf & Corey Perry, Taylor Hall & Jordan Eberle, Matt Duchene & Patrick Kane, and many more.

(Free Agents list will be available soon)


Stamkos Trade

Steven Stamkos has been traded to The Father Of Gods And Men for Goaltender Tuukka Rask and a 3rd round draft pick. This is a big move for the 2nd year GM, and Liam has addressed his goaltender issue by adding the talents of Rask while Steve Mason is side-lined. The addition will definitely help out his point per game production, and he will hopefully see a climb in the standings. As for The Father Of Gods and Men, their goalie situation has gone from bad to worse, and begs the question, is he still going to try and win this year?

The Jagr Bombs have been the sneaky wolves this year as they move up the rankings to 4th place. Hopefully their GM can acquire a goaltender to help his team out, as Kari Lehtonen has not been helping in that department, and rumour has it that side-lined Sergei Bobrovsky might be traded before the trade deadline.


The Mother Puckers have officially decided to tank, becoming last year’s NHL Buffalo Sabers, trading all his players away for aBen Bishop and Ryan Jossets for the coming year. It will be crazy to see what he does with his multiple 1st rounds picks, and strong building blocks like Ben Bishop and Ryan Johansen. Next year’s draft pool appears to be a strong one, so 2015-2016 is looking good for this young GM.

Earlier this month on Dec 10th, The Crosby and friends traded away P.K Subban and a 4th to the ZuZu Zendsbees for Filip Forsberg … I don’t know what to say about this transaction, as I’m sure a lot of GM’s around

ph tradethe league are scratching their heads on this one as well. Maybe the GM see’s something we don’t…I mean, Nikita Kucherov is killing it now after the trade between BEE and NIKE. But again, only time will tell if this rookie will become a superstar, or if he will be this year’s version of Bo Horvat in the Cory Schneider NHL trade.

Ryan Miller has won his past two starts after what appeared to be a rough patch for the majority of December. Could he turn it around for the Godzirra Gayaka Gayakaor will he find himself in the headlines traded to the teams in dire need of support in the crease?


As we hit the midway point of the season with ZuZu Zendsbees in 1st place, it’s going to be an exciting and tight race to the very end, or at least until Trade Deadline on Thursday, March 26, 12PM ET, and then the real fun begins, and I can’t wait to see that. Will Team Dhillon get Corey Perry back and somehow find his way to the top again for a 3rd consecutive championship, or will someone finally overthrow him and be the first to hoist the Selanne Cup?


This has been a quick VHL update, until next time guys.



It’s The End Of Summer, But What Did I Do?

It’s the end of a very long, but very short summer. I worked hard, I had full-time summer courses, but at the end of it all, I still wish I had traveled somewhere.

As I sit and wonder where the summer went, it occurs to me…it’s September already?! School starts soon!


I have boss training and OTL today and tomorrow, and I am reminded that Orientation Week is next week!


I can confidently say I accomplished some great things this summer, and can look back on all the projects I worked on, and I’m proud of them all. Whether it be apparel, video editing, logo design, or website design, everything came with a learning experience and tools to use for my job going forward. I’ve learnt so much being here at SCLD as a Media/Comm Ambassador, and look forward to what’s in store.


My favourite part about my job is the reactions and compliments I receive after each project I’ve completed. I’d have to say that’s a very rewarding aspect of being a part of the media team. This week, we had our official SCLD orientation/training day where everyone broke off into teams and contributed to the community by offering volunteer services including cleaning a Rec centre, and helping out at Black Creek Farm.

My team was in charge of painting a mural on wall of the S.R.R.A After-School Program, located beside the Rec centre near Jane & Finch. It was long hours of standing, painting, and crouching. It was more exhausting than I thought it would be, because I couldn’t just rush through it or else I’d mess a line up. I just knew I would make it through.

I would have to say my motivation while working on the mural had to come from each person passing by and complimenting us on how great of a job we were doing. It’s nice to give back to the community and help a program get their word out and be noticed when people come by and actually have a sign outside their door. In my own personal aspects and reflections, on top of giving back to a community and being able to contribute, I feel really happy knowing I helped make a difference, and that the mural I was a part of will always be there.

Before & After Shots




So instead of continuing with words upon words of my projects, I’ve compiled a video updating all of you reading this blog on all the projects I’ve worked on over the summer. It was a good start in my new role as a Media & Communications Ambassador @ SCLD.

Enjoy the last couple days of your summer, and have a great orientation week!


Stressed Out About Life? Don’t Be, It’s Just Life, So Keep Dancing Through.

There are so many projects, assignments, events, and all those little errands we need to do in our lives, that we sometimes forget to take a step away for some “me” time. Gone are the days where we didn’t have to worry about anything and just lived our lives aimlessly as children, but now it seems like there is always something we have to do.

What do you still have to do?

What do you still have to do?

I feel like that’s just the way life is, and it will always be that way. Time management helps keep everything in line, and gives you control on the all the stress factors in your life. Although this may be true, I think it’s really important to remember to include some time to yourself. So here are some tips on how to de-stress yourself when you’re feeling stressed out about life.

1. Do Your Hobby

We all have a hobby, and if we don’t then I feel like it’s time to pick one up, or at least do something you love, even if that means eating delicious food. My hobby just happens to be playing video games. I enjoy it. It’s something that’s been a pastime from when I was a child, and now when I’m playing, it just helps me forget the world and all my problems. A good ol’ game of NHL 15 can help me de-stress instantly, or looking up hockey info for my fantasy hockey league. Basically, watching or looking up anything on hockey works every time.

My Skills in NHL 14

My Skills in NHL 14

Some of you may enjoy playing music, reading, cooking, baking, or drawing. Whatever it is, use it as your safe zone, and if you don’t have one, try picking up a guitar and learning a new instrument. It’s a win-win, in my opinion.


2. Be Creative!

We all live our lives here in this world, and what we do with it becomes the legacy we leave behind. So why not leave some awesome artwork, or music we’ve written. Build something if that’s your thing, but all in all, just make something! Make a mark in the world, you’ll never know what you’re capable of until you try something, and you might just find out that it’s more than you think.

Facebook Man

Morning Doodle In Class

Apparel (Mac)

Mac Apparel I Designed For Myself & My Friend

I find great joy in creating/designing apparel and filming/editing videos, which is why I guess I love my job as a Media & Communications Ambassador. Nothing beats getting paid for doing something you love.

3. Play Sports

A great way to stay in shape, and to get some exercise, is get out there and play some sports. Whether it be for fun with some friends for a pick up game, or an intramural game in a league you’ve joined. Being able to get out and play a sport with some people or close friends is a great way to get your mind off of all those stresses. Running is a great alternative.



McLaughlin College Ultimate Frisbee Intramural Team 2014

4. Go On Adventures

Get out of the house and travel. You don’t have to go far, it can be anywhere. Just anywhere away from what’s causing you all the stress. Whether that be school, work, home, or a specific person. Get up and go have fun. Wander downtown Toronto and check out some sights, the waterfront, and/or shops you would have never walked into had you been with another person other than yourself. Enjoy yourself, and your “me” time.

Top of the Mountain, Cape Croker Provincial Park

Top of the Mountain, Cape Croker Provincial Park

Take a close friend and enjoy some shopping at the mall or small shops. The key here is to focus on yourself, then your stresses.


Taking My Friend To His First Blue Jays Game

5. Good Laughs With Some Good People

This means catching up with some old friends or even some close friends you haven’t seen in a while because you’ve been so busy with school/work/etc. Plan a barbecue at your house, or a date to go to Snakes and Lattes. Do something that’s going to get you back into the realm of the living and not the books. Your goal here is to have laughter and build memories with the people you care about. Laughter fills the soul with positive energy, and what better way to do it than with the people that mean the most to you and love you for who you really are.



6. Family Recharge

Visiting your family and/or a family member is another great way to increase your positive emotions and decrease stress levels. My reasoning to visit my family is to have a family recharge. A family recharge is when I go back home and I’m reminded of all the things I’m working towards, and the people who are counting on me to be successful. They’re also the people who have my back and fully support me in all my decisions. I have motivation to do well in school, and I can go back home having a taste of home cooked meals, while being updated on the aspects of other people’s lives.

Making My Father Proud by Graduating. Sheridan Convocation 2011

Making My Father Proud by Graduating. Sheridan Convocation 2011

7. Relaxation Heals The Soul

Again, have some “me” time. Soak yourself in the sun on your front porch or balcony, and/or soak in the hot water and bubbles of your bath. Lay in your bed and take a nap. Have a hot shower and just feel the water hit your body. Stretch out and enjoy all the movements your body has been missing.

Or just enjoy the company of the people

Sand Banks with Nikki.

Sand Banks with Nikki.

Or animals closest to you, and have a laid-back day.


Overall, just relax and enjoy life. Life is so beautiful, and you never really know what will happen or when it will end. You can’t predict the future, so you might as well focus on the moment now. So live life, and enjoy the journey.


My Journey As A YorkU Lion!

I’m super excited to be writing this week’s blog post because it allows me to share my journey at YorkU (thus far) through a timeline of photographs. I’ll be sharing photos from different York University locations and events, while highlighting the things I’ve learnt through those moments of being involved.

Well, without further a due, let’s start the show 🙂

My First O-Week!

Before I came to York University, I was already friends with a lot of YorkU students, who actually were a big part of why I made the decision to come to York. This photo represents my first O-Week with McLaughlin College, which I chose to attend to get more exposure to what it would be like to get involved. I wanted to meet more people and spend a great week with all my friends. We found some orange jumpsuits in Kensington Market, and wore them throughout O-Week. We were known as M*Sync from that moment on, and even made appearances in O-Weeks after.


My First Intramural Championship!

Straight out of the gate, I found myself involved with intramural sports. This was a photo of my first championship with McLaughlin College in Inner-Tube Water Basketball. This championship was meaningful to me because it’s a difficult task to win a championship (which many of my peers did not win one until their 3rd or 4th years), and it meant a lot to me accomplishing this during my first year.

Not done yet! Undefeated Flag Football Champs!

In the same year, I managed to claim several other championships, one in particular where my Tier 2 Mac Flag Football team went undefeated through the entire season and playoffs to capture the first every playoff appearance in 6 years, and first ever Flag Football championship. I learnt so much from the Coordinator that year (who is also my roommate and friend, Todd Christensen), on how the game works, and how it should be played. I would say I held the record in sacks that year. It was a great feeling ending the season and game in a sack.


Broomball Champions!


Rookie of the Year!

It was a pleasure to play intramural sports with Mac and all my friends, and with all of our achievements, I was graced with the honour of York’s Rookie Of The Year. I was proud to bring that back to McLaughlin and represent what we truly accomplished this year. Not many athletes win this award, as you can only achieve this goal in your first year. One chance. One Opportunity.

Rookie of the Year

SIRC Banquet

McLaughlin College Assistant Coordinator for Sport and Recreation

After a terrific first year of athletics, I was given the opportunity to become the next Assistant Coordinator of Mac, where I was able to achieve some really great thing,s such as: incorporate a new logo, hoodies, sweatpants, and the way we promoted athletics.


At the Absinthe Pub on campus with some fellow Mac students

Attending the TEDxYorkU 2014 Conference

I was so inspired by all the speakers and the overall event, I was given the opportunity to work with the TEDxYorkU club. I am now one of the Directors of Marketing and Promotions.


Watching the Olympic Gold Medal Men’s Hockey game at Shopsy’s on campus

Photo 2014-02-23, 9 51 34 AM

Canada Wins Gold @ Shopsy’s!

My favourite place on campus!

Beach Theme Day at SCLD!

These are just a few shots of my journey as a YorkU Lion, from my first year all the way until now. I truly can say that everything I’ve learnt, from life lessons to knowledge I can use in the working field after university, have come from all of my extra curricular activities, clubs, and my involvement with student government. I highly recommend getting involved with your campus (if you have not already), so that you can not only learn new experiences for yourself, but also to teach the students who will be replacing us for the future.

My 5 Must-Haves For My Village Commute!

It’s the morning, I’ve hit my snooze button a couple times, I’ve finally gotten myself up and ready… and now it’s time to make that awful walk from the village to campus…but it doesn’t have to be that bad!

Here are my top 5 must-haves that I need to make the best out of my commute (a.k.a. walk)  to campus:

1. My Phone

I would have to say my number #1 necessity is my phone. It’s my sidekick, my companion, my laptop in my pocket, and my source of communication to the outside world (who is not right in front of me). It’s just such a useful tool to have, and it’s such a disadvantage when I don’t have it on me.

Ever have that moment or day when you forget your phone, and that time/day just happens to be the time/day someone contacts you for something important?

An emergency occurs or some sweet opportunity arises?
How about just not knowing where you are and would like to look it up?
Or maybe that infamous groundhog pops up or a crazy moment occurs that is photo worthy?

Yea… I prefer to have my phone with me. Especially for..

2. My Headphones

I can’t go a day without listening to my favourite tunes, or any tunes at all, in fact. Listening to music helps me disguise the time and duration of the walk. 2-3 songs later and you’re at your destination! It lightens your mood, and in some cases, releases natural endorphins to really get you up and ready to take on the day.

3. My External Battery


What I’ve come to realize is that the battery on my phone does not last long. Mainly because I use my phone often, so to combat this issue I purchased a portable external battery to charge my phone whenever I need to. I bought this portable external battery from Amazon.ca and I can charge my iPhone 5 fully 4 times. It can also charge multiple phones/devices at once, and what I like about this feature is that I can also plug in portable speakers and/or any other USB devices to it, all at the same time. It’s great when you’re out and have no access to a power outlet. So I highly recommend investing in portable external batteries.

4. My Apps


My apps are my aid, and what I mean by this is that I enjoy waking up and having all my resources at the touch a finger. I can check the weather, post a status, get an update on daily news, and check all my messages and emails before I head out, or while I’m traveling on my commute. Here are some of my favourite apps:

1. Path – Check out my previous post about this awesome app to find out how it differs from all other social media platforms!

2. Google Maps – I use this app because I find Google to be the king of navigation and I just find it’s usefulness higher than the native maps on the iPhone.

3. TSN GO/theScore – Come on! I love sports! Best two sports apps in my opinion.

4. Weather – The native weather app on the iPhone is great, especially the little animations that show rain or lighting effects (if that’s the actual weather outside). (But there are many other useful and great weather apps available!)

5. Shazam – Great for finding out that great tune you’re listening to at the moment without having to ask someone and/or remember as many lyrics as you can for later. You can just Shazam it and it’ll always be recorded and logged into the app to download/buy later on when you’re free.

5. Water/Snacks

No matter where I am, no matter what I’m doing, I always find that I’m thirsty or hungry.


Staying hydrated is key when walking in the heat, or just being active in general. So make sure you have a water bottle handy and some snacks if you missed breakfast, so that you can be prepared for those desperate moments when you just have to have a drink!


Happy Birthday To Our Nation! How Did You Celebrate it?!

Hey everyone! It’s the first week of July and I’m going to kick things off with a blog post about Canada Day! (or should I say Canada Weekend!) Happy 147th Birthday to our nation. 🙂

From what I can remember, I and my family have always celebrated Canada Day. We indulge ourselves in fireworks, food, music, and being surrounded by friends and family.

This year I did just that, minus the fireworks, and minus celebrating on the actual day.

Media & Comm Team does the Sandbanks!

Media & Comm Team does the Sandbanks!

On Saturday, we packed up for a trip to the Sandbanks Provincial Park for the birthday of my friend Siraat. It was a beautiful sight to see, accompanied with beautiful weather. We played ladder ball, celebrated good times with good people, and had food supplied for the entire time we were there. I don’t remember the last time I just hung out in a open field and just had a blast with my close friends, playing catch or wrestling in the open water. (While accidentally almost drowning others in the process.” oops” :s) It reminded me a lot of my past experiences in Grand Bend. All good memories.

Photo Cred: Azeem Mustafa & Juan Fontana, Green Buffalo.

Photo Cred: Azeem Mustafa & Juan Fontana, Green Buffalo.

Photo Cred: Green Buffalo

Photo Cred: Green Buffalo

A quick clip of us arriving at the Sandbanks and playing Ladder Ball.

On Sunday, my best friend Steven and I traveled down to downtown Toronto to grab dinner with a few friends. The location of the place we planned to meet up just happened to be located on the same street that the Pride Parade was being held on. So it was nice to finally see and experience what the Annual Toronto Pride Parade was all about. It was great to see all the culture, diversity, and to be able to see everyone united.

United We Are Different.

United We Are Different.

Photo Cred: Vanessa Pichelli

Photo Cred: Vanessa Pichelli

Photo Cred: Vanessa Pichelli

Photo Cred: Vanessa Pichelli

On Tuesday, which was the actual day of Canada Day, I chose to stay in and spend time with the one person who means to most to me 🙂 We’ve been traveling and working so much, combined with my school and work projects, I felt a relaxation day was needed.

Relaxation with Nikki & the boys. (Ronin and Koda)

Relaxing with Nikki & the boys. (Ronin and Koda)

I do regret not seeing any fireworks this year, which is something I’m definitley going to make happen when celebrating Canada Day 2015.

Although…. today is July 4th, so I may have my excuse to set some fireworks off tonight! I love this country and I’m proud to be Canadian.🍁

Hopefully everyone else had a great weekend, and good Canada Day! Let’s continue to have a great summer shall we 🙂 Comment below and let me know what you did for Canada Day/Weekend!

For great tips to get outdoors check out my article: ANOTHER EPISODE VS. GOING OUTSIDE? THE GREAT DILEMMA.

Path? What Path? Ohh.. my favourite social media platform called Path!

Hey everyone! As you know this week’s blog theme for the Media & Communications team has been about expressing our love for our favorite Social Media Platform. 🙂  I myself have a hard time picking just one out of the many apps that I use daily. I mean how can you?! How can you choose just one when all of them are so great? They all have their own unique reasons for existing with their own pros and cons?

Facebook allows me to stay in touch with all my friends and community in an instant. It gives me the ability to organize my friends and groups all into one area. (PERFECT for my fantasy hockey and FIFA pools.)

Facebook groups

I love being able to organize and sort all my groups like my Fantasy hockey and FIFA pools.

 Instagram allows me to see all my friend’s beautiful faces and all the beautiful places they’ve visited, as well as share my own special moments.

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 12.34.24 PM

Sharing my photography skills with the world.

Tumblr allows me to see funny gifs and inspirational quotes all in a few scrolls of the mouse. (many other uses as well such as promoting artwork!)


Great quick motivational boosts for the day.

Now Twitter.. I find to be the update machine. I love using the tweet deck and just looking through all my favourite newsfeeds. It’s my daily digital newspaper for digesting.

I love seeing all my content, all in one area.

I love seeing all my content, all in one area.

Each social media platform has their own benefits and reasons I check them everyday.
Now to announce my favourite social media platform!…. Drum roll please..


Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 10.39.21 AM

Path is a social networking-enabled photo sharing and messaging service for mobile devices.

My favourite social media platform is an application called “Path” which allows you to share more than just text. The user can post and share what music they’re listening to, their workouts, photos, what’s on their mind, check-in to where they’re visiting, and to update the world with what movie their watching at a click of a button.


“All-in-One Sharing”

I love this app because it allows me to not only share all my special moments, but helps me have an “All-in-One Sharing” experience. I can share my “Path Moments” on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, and Wordress. That’s right! I don’t need to open facebook or foursquare to check in to where I am. I can do it all within Path. I just check-in to my location, share a photo of the scenery, and boom. Click. Click.  I can share my status to all my other favourite social media platforms all at the same time 🙂 Time. Saved.

Path is meant to be a companion to Facebook and other social media networks as opposed to be just a destination website on it’s own.

“Path Moments”

Another beauty and sweet feature/aspect of Path, is that it logs the moments of your life so you can return to them later with ease. Just search your moments by searching friends, birthdays, places, cities, holidays, seasons, and /r months. (For example: “Trip to California”, or “My first date with Nikki”, and there.. you are enjoying your memories of the past.) I love being able to revisit a lifetime of moments.


I love being able to search the aspects of my life, or special moments directly, without having to scroll endlessly through a timeline.

“Path Emotions”

Just like all the other social media platforms, you can go through your newsfeed and like/favourite a status and/or comment on them. Although with Path its better than just likes! You can use “Path Emotions” to do more than just like a friend’s post. You can use smiles, frowns, laughs, and/or hearts to show your love. It’s all about how YOU feel 🙂


I believe this app hasn’t hit mainstream and isn’t on everyone’s radar, just yet (at least not around my area), but I feel it has the potential to be something great and be used by most of my friends and family.

(Side story) I mean I was introduced to Instagram during my trip in California, and only after a year of using the app did people start using it around my area.

 “Oh, have you used this new app called Instagram?!”
“-_-, yes.. yes I have.”

Like I said, I love all the social media platforms, and for their own reasons. I just like this particular app because, it’s different, it links to other social media apps, and it’s something that’s new and unique and I like being different/ having that one thing others don’t have.

It’s Simple, Authentic, And Make Me Happy.

It allows me to be me and be truly authentic to myself and be able to share my personal life to those who matter to me most. To focus on closer relationships with my family and friends, rather than sharing bits and pieces of information to the broader community. Having my relationships all in a digital system is something great to have.

This is my life and my happiness, and I love using something so simple and easy to use allowing me to build on the people around me.

So if you wanna be cool like me, check out Path! 😉 kidding.

So to end this post, I’ll leave you with a video promoting the app – and how it can be beneficial to one’s life. This video get’s me every time 🙂 Enjoy!

outdoor path

Every Hero Needs A Sidekick, And I’m Health Ed’s! Meet The Team!

As you know, I am working as a Media & Communications Ambassador for SCLD this year, and as I mentioned before in my first blog post, I will be a liaison for a specific unit of SCLD.

I am happy to announce that the unit I will be working with this year is Health Education and Promotion!  Here they are:





This year I am the nutrition team lead! The Nutrition team provides information for students about healthy eating both on and off campus.  We do this by organizing presentations, running different nutrition campaigns as well as providing g help nutrition tips.


Health Ed is like a second home for me.  It is a great place to learn about various health topics and its also a place to get to know peers that share an equal passion for health promotion at York.


This year I am super excited to continue and build upon our partnerships that we started last year.  I know that by doing this the team can take our initiatives to the next level! Specifically I am looking forward to health ed’s partnered Wellness Wednesdays and the cooking classes.

Last but not least, here’s Danielle, the coordinator of Health Ed & Promotions. Instead of me talking about how great Health Ed is and the projects they have planned for the future, why not get Danielle to talk about it in her own words!


I’m really looking forward to working with these awesome people because i’m totally into and interested in their future projects about SLEEP! Wow, SLEEP?

I know, I know, everyone loves sleep, but the main reason I love sleep is because of dreaming and getting some good refreshing rest for the next day.

Health Ed & Promotions will be promoting a new SLEEP PORTAL website, in which I will be working hand in hand with them to provide everyone with a great website where you can gain access to numerous amounts of info about sleep.

This includes topics like:

• Sleep Hygiene

• Napping times and durations

• Insomnia

• And Optimal times to sleep

This is just a sneak preview of what is in store for everyone from Health Ed.

Stay tuned for future events, and future videos!

I look forward to working with them and sharing all the content they have planned for the coming year!



Ever felt like you’re nice and comfy on your couch or bed and you’re enjoying your favorite snack, just lounging, and you’re deciding if you should watch another episode of your favorite TV series? TRUST ME… I have. This can include video games, movies, surfing the web; but what does it all mean?


It may mean you love being inside so much that you forget that there’s an outside world; a reality outside of your own room, or for some of you, outside of your dorm rooms.  Time passes by and the sun has disappeared, once again.


We’ve all been there…LORD KNOWS I have, but here are some tips on getting out and enjoying the summer sun:

1.  Find A Hobby Outside.

Vitamin D is good for you…aka the sun is your best friend. Feel that warmth on your skin and enjoy a hobby outside. This could be gardening, running, exercising, yoga etc. Take in the vitamin D and love life 🙂


2. Plan A Trip.

I believe the summer is not complete unless you go somewhere, anywhere! So gather your friends, pick a spot, and plan a trip. Go camping! Go on a road trip! Fly somewhere! Anything!


Just remember, get a friend who’s a trustworthy driver;)


3. Play Some Sports.

This could be anything, from finding a recreational league for some pick up games like hockey or soccer, or joining intramural sports here at York University. There are tons of sports available, you just need to find them! (or I could list them here — > boom) 

The other option is to gather your friends and just start a game. Some of us don’t like running, so why not play some basketball or soccer, or even some touch football and get active while forgetting the fact that your running. Trick yourself into being active in a FUN way!


4. Try Something New!

For me, this could include experiences for myself or experiences i’d like to share with another. Go places you’ve haven’t been before and take others to places they haven’t been either. Kensington Market on a Sunday is great! Visit Ripley’s Aquarium, or the Toronto Zoo. Haven’t been to a Jays game? $18 and you’re good to go! I recently found out my father has never been to a Toronto Blue Jays game and so I took the initiative to bring him. Let’s just say he posted his experience on Facebook. (win)


And lastly,

5. Wake Up and Smell The Coffee.

Okay, I personally don’t drink coffee, but what I mean is…get up EARLY. I know at times it may be the devil, and your comfy, cool bed may be heaven on earth, but TRUST ME! There’s so many benefits to waking up early and having that much more time to do all the crazy things you have planned, like all your goals/errands you need/want to accomplish. You’ll have so much more time to do all the things I’ve mentioned above. There’s no better feeling for me than to finish some projects and goals and realize the time. “Holy, its only 3pm??”


So get up and live life. Enjoy the sun, and travel somewhere. Take photos, gain precious experiences, and fill your life with amazing beautiful memories that will turn into stories. One day this will all be your legacy!


That’s it for now! Have a great summer!

Enrolling Into Fall Courses? Take The Drivers Seat And Be In Control!

Hey everyone! This week I will be providing some tips and advice for when you’re enrolling into fall courses and some of my experiences revolving this topic.

The first thing I recommend doing and looking into is finding out exactly when your enrolment date  is/opens and start looking and enrolling into classes as soon as possible. I found that this will be the best way to set up your schedule and ultimately set up your life for the next year; a move I believe to be one of the most important first steps to a successful year.

I only recommend this because I personally have been in the position where I wanted to enrol into a course but it was full and/or fell into a time slot that just didn’t match up with the rest of my schedule. Being involved with intramural sports that usually run in the evening I really look for the classes that are scheduled before 5pm so that I can have time to get to my games on time knowing I can attend each and every one of them.

There’s no better feeling than to be able to choose exactly what course(s) you want and to have all of your courses fit into a schedule you can be happy and proud about come September. I believe this is a great way to start your year off on the right foot, and something to look forward to when school starts.

I’ve had my fair share of times when I’ve felt like I’ve just been behind the ball and I’m always having to catch up. Through my time here I’ve learned from my mistakes and it’s hard for me to look at a situation and not see what led to it and/or what would happen next. So I hope everyone who reads this blog and reads about all my mistakes/experiences can learn from them as well so that they themselves do not have to go through them, and be able to improve on their own situations.

“No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again.” – Buddah

I once came across a great TEDTalk about self-education with the use of computers and I found this talk to be very enlightening. I learned that once interest has been implanted into a person’s mind, then education can then follow very easily. Check it out here:

I wanted to share this video because I wanted to inform students about the benefits and downsides of online courses. Online courses demand a lot of self discipline, so if you like working at your own pace, and in the comfort of your own home, then online courses sounds like your thing. Although if you have a hard time being self disciplined and to learn everything all by yourself without the aid of a teacher like me, then I would avoid online courses as best as you can.

Take a hold of the driver’s seat and be in control of your life, and your school career.

So I recommend:

  • find those classes you want early
  • apply for OSAP early
  • get involved with extra curricular activities
  • and use the degree requirement page available online (search for your program)

I wish I knew the existence of the requirements page at the beginning of my first year. This page allows me to know exactly what courses I need (such as prerequisites and credit exclusions), what year the courses are available (4th year course compared to 2nd year courses), and to plan out what courses I want to take this year compared to next year. I feel like I am in control of my life and being able to see everything I need to complete my program and essentially be able to graduate, is a really great feeling when enrolling into fall courses. I’ve provided an example below with a BDEM requirements page.

Atkinson Centre

If you are a mature student you have the option to use the Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-time Students (ACMAPS). I met with an advisor here who really helped me with my plans for courses, and helped me gain a better understanding on how the credit system works, and what effects my GPA. So if you really need some extra one-on-one advice I would visit this place. (They’re great with advice about petitions)

**P.S Don’t forget to visit your bank (if needed) to show proof that you are still a student. I recently discovered my account was changed and I’ve been receiving monthly charges for four months because I did not visit the bank with my student card. Don’t worry though if you’ve been receiving charges you can speak with your local branch and/or call their toll number and get a reimbursement with proof of being a student. (They only reimburse dating back 3 months total so don’t forget!)

These are just some of my tips, thanks to the experiences that I have gone through, but I know a lot of my team members will have their own experiences and own take on enrolling into Fall courses. So please check out their blogs below for the more tips and perspectives on how to start your school year of right 🙂

Nikki  •  Morgan  •  Vanessa

Good luck and have a great year!