Stressed Out About Life? Don’t Be, It’s Just Life, So Keep Dancing Through.

There are so many projects, assignments, events, and all those little errands we need to do in our lives, that we sometimes forget to take a step away for some “me” time. Gone are the days where we didn’t have to worry about anything and just lived our lives aimlessly as children, but now it seems like there is always something we have to do.

What do you still have to do?

What do you still have to do?

I feel like that’s just the way life is, and it will always be that way. Time management helps keep everything in line, and gives you control on the all the stress factors in your life. Although this may be true, I think it’s really important to remember to include some time to yourself. So here are some tips on how to de-stress yourself when you’re feeling stressed out about life.

1. Do Your Hobby

We all have a hobby, and if we don’t then I feel like it’s time to pick one up, or at least do something you love, even if that means eating delicious food. My hobby just happens to be playing video games. I enjoy it. It’s something that’s been a pastime from when I was a child, and now when I’m playing, it just helps me forget the world and all my problems. A good ol’ game of NHL 15 can help me de-stress instantly, or looking up hockey info for my fantasy hockey league. Basically, watching or looking up anything on hockey works every time.

My Skills in NHL 14

My Skills in NHL 14

Some of you may enjoy playing music, reading, cooking, baking, or drawing. Whatever it is, use it as your safe zone, and if you don’t have one, try picking up a guitar and learning a new instrument. It’s a win-win, in my opinion.


2. Be Creative!

We all live our lives here in this world, and what we do with it becomes the legacy we leave behind. So why not leave some awesome artwork, or music we’ve written. Build something if that’s your thing, but all in all, just make something! Make a mark in the world, you’ll never know what you’re capable of until you try something, and you might just find out that it’s more than you think.

Facebook Man

Morning Doodle In Class

Apparel (Mac)

Mac Apparel I Designed For Myself & My Friend

I find great joy in creating/designing apparel and filming/editing videos, which is why I guess I love my job as a Media & Communications Ambassador. Nothing beats getting paid for doing something you love.

3. Play Sports

A great way to stay in shape, and to get some exercise, is get out there and play some sports. Whether it be for fun with some friends for a pick up game, or an intramural game in a league you’ve joined. Being able to get out and play a sport with some people or close friends is a great way to get your mind off of all those stresses. Running is a great alternative.



McLaughlin College Ultimate Frisbee Intramural Team 2014

4. Go On Adventures

Get out of the house and travel. You don’t have to go far, it can be anywhere. Just anywhere away from what’s causing you all the stress. Whether that be school, work, home, or a specific person. Get up and go have fun. Wander downtown Toronto and check out some sights, the waterfront, and/or shops you would have never walked into had you been with another person other than yourself. Enjoy yourself, and your “me” time.

Top of the Mountain, Cape Croker Provincial Park

Top of the Mountain, Cape Croker Provincial Park

Take a close friend and enjoy some shopping at the mall or small shops. The key here is to focus on yourself, then your stresses.


Taking My Friend To His First Blue Jays Game

5. Good Laughs With Some Good People

This means catching up with some old friends or even some close friends you haven’t seen in a while because you’ve been so busy with school/work/etc. Plan a barbecue at your house, or a date to go to Snakes and Lattes. Do something that’s going to get you back into the realm of the living and not the books. Your goal here is to have laughter and build memories with the people you care about. Laughter fills the soul with positive energy, and what better way to do it than with the people that mean the most to you and love you for who you really are.



6. Family Recharge

Visiting your family and/or a family member is another great way to increase your positive emotions and decrease stress levels. My reasoning to visit my family is to have a family recharge. A family recharge is when I go back home and I’m reminded of all the things I’m working towards, and the people who are counting on me to be successful. They’re also the people who have my back and fully support me in all my decisions. I have motivation to do well in school, and I can go back home having a taste of home cooked meals, while being updated on the aspects of other people’s lives.

Making My Father Proud by Graduating. Sheridan Convocation 2011

Making My Father Proud by Graduating. Sheridan Convocation 2011

7. Relaxation Heals The Soul

Again, have some “me” time. Soak yourself in the sun on your front porch or balcony, and/or soak in the hot water and bubbles of your bath. Lay in your bed and take a nap. Have a hot shower and just feel the water hit your body. Stretch out and enjoy all the movements your body has been missing.

Or just enjoy the company of the people

Sand Banks with Nikki.

Sand Banks with Nikki.

Or animals closest to you, and have a laid-back day.


Overall, just relax and enjoy life. Life is so beautiful, and you never really know what will happen or when it will end. You can’t predict the future, so you might as well focus on the moment now. So live life, and enjoy the journey.



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