It’s The End Of Summer, But What Did I Do?

It’s the end of a very long, but very short summer. I worked hard, I had full-time summer courses, but at the end of it all, I still wish I had traveled somewhere.

As I sit and wonder where the summer went, it occurs to me…it’s September already?! School starts soon!


I have boss training and OTL today and tomorrow, and I am reminded that Orientation Week is next week!


I can confidently say I accomplished some great things this summer, and can look back on all the projects I worked on, and I’m proud of them all. Whether it be apparel, video editing, logo design, or website design, everything came with a learning experience and tools to use for my job going forward. I’ve learnt so much being here at SCLD as a Media/Comm Ambassador, and look forward to what’s in store.


My favourite part about my job is the reactions and compliments I receive after each project I’ve completed. I’d have to say that’s a very rewarding aspect of being a part of the media team. This week, we had our official SCLD orientation/training day where everyone broke off into teams and contributed to the community by offering volunteer services including cleaning a Rec centre, and helping out at Black Creek Farm.

My team was in charge of painting a mural on wall of the S.R.R.A After-School Program, located beside the Rec centre near Jane & Finch. It was long hours of standing, painting, and crouching. It was more exhausting than I thought it would be, because I couldn’t just rush through it or else I’d mess a line up. I just knew I would make it through.

I would have to say my motivation while working on the mural had to come from each person passing by and complimenting us on how great of a job we were doing. It’s nice to give back to the community and help a program get their word out and be noticed when people come by and actually have a sign outside their door. In my own personal aspects and reflections, on top of giving back to a community and being able to contribute, I feel really happy knowing I helped make a difference, and that the mural I was a part of will always be there.

Before & After Shots




So instead of continuing with words upon words of my projects, I’ve compiled a video updating all of you reading this blog on all the projects I’ve worked on over the summer. It was a good start in my new role as a Media & Communications Ambassador @ SCLD.

Enjoy the last couple days of your summer, and have a great orientation week!



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