My 5 Must-Haves For My Village Commute!

It’s the morning, I’ve hit my snooze button a couple times, I’ve finally gotten myself up and ready… and now it’s time to make that awful walk from the village to campus…but it doesn’t have to be that bad!

Here are my top 5 must-haves that I need to make the best out of my commute (a.k.a. walk)  to campus:

1. My Phone

I would have to say my number #1 necessity is my phone. It’s my sidekick, my companion, my laptop in my pocket, and my source of communication to the outside world (who is not right in front of me). It’s just such a useful tool to have, and it’s such a disadvantage when I don’t have it on me.

Ever have that moment or day when you forget your phone, and that time/day just happens to be the time/day someone contacts you for something important?

An emergency occurs or some sweet opportunity arises?
How about just not knowing where you are and would like to look it up?
Or maybe that infamous groundhog pops up or a crazy moment occurs that is photo worthy?

Yea… I prefer to have my phone with me. Especially for..

2. My Headphones

I can’t go a day without listening to my favourite tunes, or any tunes at all, in fact. Listening to music helps me disguise the time and duration of the walk. 2-3 songs later and you’re at your destination! It lightens your mood, and in some cases, releases natural endorphins to really get you up and ready to take on the day.

3. My External Battery


What I’ve come to realize is that the battery on my phone does not last long. Mainly because I use my phone often, so to combat this issue I purchased a portable external battery to charge my phone whenever I need to. I bought this portable external battery from and I can charge my iPhone 5 fully 4 times. It can also charge multiple phones/devices at once, and what I like about this feature is that I can also plug in portable speakers and/or any other USB devices to it, all at the same time. It’s great when you’re out and have no access to a power outlet. So I highly recommend investing in portable external batteries.

4. My Apps


My apps are my aid, and what I mean by this is that I enjoy waking up and having all my resources at the touch a finger. I can check the weather, post a status, get an update on daily news, and check all my messages and emails before I head out, or while I’m traveling on my commute. Here are some of my favourite apps:

1. Path – Check out my previous post about this awesome app to find out how it differs from all other social media platforms!

2. Google Maps – I use this app because I find Google to be the king of navigation and I just find it’s usefulness higher than the native maps on the iPhone.

3. TSN GO/theScore – Come on! I love sports! Best two sports apps in my opinion.

4. Weather – The native weather app on the iPhone is great, especially the little animations that show rain or lighting effects (if that’s the actual weather outside). (But there are many other useful and great weather apps available!)

5. Shazam – Great for finding out that great tune you’re listening to at the moment without having to ask someone and/or remember as many lyrics as you can for later. You can just Shazam it and it’ll always be recorded and logged into the app to download/buy later on when you’re free.

5. Water/Snacks

No matter where I am, no matter what I’m doing, I always find that I’m thirsty or hungry.


Staying hydrated is key when walking in the heat, or just being active in general. So make sure you have a water bottle handy and some snacks if you missed breakfast, so that you can be prepared for those desperate moments when you just have to have a drink!



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