Enrolling Into Fall Courses? Take The Drivers Seat And Be In Control!

Hey everyone! This week I will be providing some tips and advice for when you’re enrolling into fall courses and some of my experiences revolving this topic.

The first thing I recommend doing and looking into is finding out exactly when your enrolment date  is/opens and start looking and enrolling into classes as soon as possible. I found that this will be the best way to set up your schedule and ultimately set up your life for the next year; a move I believe to be one of the most important first steps to a successful year.

I only recommend this because I personally have been in the position where I wanted to enrol into a course but it was full and/or fell into a time slot that just didn’t match up with the rest of my schedule. Being involved with intramural sports that usually run in the evening I really look for the classes that are scheduled before 5pm so that I can have time to get to my games on time knowing I can attend each and every one of them.

There’s no better feeling than to be able to choose exactly what course(s) you want and to have all of your courses fit into a schedule you can be happy and proud about come September. I believe this is a great way to start your year off on the right foot, and something to look forward to when school starts.

I’ve had my fair share of times when I’ve felt like I’ve just been behind the ball and I’m always having to catch up. Through my time here I’ve learned from my mistakes and it’s hard for me to look at a situation and not see what led to it and/or what would happen next. So I hope everyone who reads this blog and reads about all my mistakes/experiences can learn from them as well so that they themselves do not have to go through them, and be able to improve on their own situations.

“No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again.” – Buddah

I once came across a great TEDTalk about self-education with the use of computers and I found this talk to be very enlightening. I learned that once interest has been implanted into a person’s mind, then education can then follow very easily. Check it out here:

I wanted to share this video because I wanted to inform students about the benefits and downsides of online courses. Online courses demand a lot of self discipline, so if you like working at your own pace, and in the comfort of your own home, then online courses sounds like your thing. Although if you have a hard time being self disciplined and to learn everything all by yourself without the aid of a teacher like me, then I would avoid online courses as best as you can.

Take a hold of the driver’s seat and be in control of your life, and your school career.

So I recommend:

  • find those classes you want early
  • apply for OSAP early
  • get involved with extra curricular activities
  • and use the degree requirement page available online (search for your program)

I wish I knew the existence of the requirements page at the beginning of my first year. This page allows me to know exactly what courses I need (such as prerequisites and credit exclusions), what year the courses are available (4th year course compared to 2nd year courses), and to plan out what courses I want to take this year compared to next year. I feel like I am in control of my life and being able to see everything I need to complete my program and essentially be able to graduate, is a really great feeling when enrolling into fall courses. I’ve provided an example below with a BDEM requirements page.

Atkinson Centre

If you are a mature student you have the option to use the Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-time Students (ACMAPS). I met with an advisor here who really helped me with my plans for courses, and helped me gain a better understanding on how the credit system works, and what effects my GPA. So if you really need some extra one-on-one advice I would visit this place. (They’re great with advice about petitions)

**P.S Don’t forget to visit your bank (if needed) to show proof that you are still a student. I recently discovered my account was changed and I’ve been receiving monthly charges for four months because I did not visit the bank with my student card. Don’t worry though if you’ve been receiving charges you can speak with your local branch and/or call their toll number and get a reimbursement with proof of being a student. (They only reimburse dating back 3 months total so don’t forget!)

These are just some of my tips, thanks to the experiences that I have gone through, but I know a lot of my team members will have their own experiences and own take on enrolling into Fall courses. So please check out their blogs below for the more tips and perspectives on how to start your school year of right 🙂

Nikki  •  Morgan  •  Vanessa

Good luck and have a great year!

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