Ever felt like you’re nice and comfy on your couch or bed and you’re enjoying your favorite snack, just lounging, and you’re deciding if you should watch another episode of your favorite TV series? TRUST ME… I have. This can include video games, movies, surfing the web; but what does it all mean?


It may mean you love being inside so much that you forget that there’s an outside world; a reality outside of your own room, or for some of you, outside of your dorm rooms.  Time passes by and the sun has disappeared, once again.


We’ve all been there…LORD KNOWS I have, but here are some tips on getting out and enjoying the summer sun:

1.  Find A Hobby Outside.

Vitamin D is good for you…aka the sun is your best friend. Feel that warmth on your skin and enjoy a hobby outside. This could be gardening, running, exercising, yoga etc. Take in the vitamin D and love life 🙂


2. Plan A Trip.

I believe the summer is not complete unless you go somewhere, anywhere! So gather your friends, pick a spot, and plan a trip. Go camping! Go on a road trip! Fly somewhere! Anything!


Just remember, get a friend who’s a trustworthy driver;)


3. Play Some Sports.

This could be anything, from finding a recreational league for some pick up games like hockey or soccer, or joining intramural sports here at York University. There are tons of sports available, you just need to find them! (or I could list them here — > boom) 

The other option is to gather your friends and just start a game. Some of us don’t like running, so why not play some basketball or soccer, or even some touch football and get active while forgetting the fact that your running. Trick yourself into being active in a FUN way!


4. Try Something New!

For me, this could include experiences for myself or experiences i’d like to share with another. Go places you’ve haven’t been before and take others to places they haven’t been either. Kensington Market on a Sunday is great! Visit Ripley’s Aquarium, or the Toronto Zoo. Haven’t been to a Jays game? $18 and you’re good to go! I recently found out my father has never been to a Toronto Blue Jays game and so I took the initiative to bring him. Let’s just say he posted his experience on Facebook. (win)


And lastly,

5. Wake Up and Smell The Coffee.

Okay, I personally don’t drink coffee, but what I mean is…get up EARLY. I know at times it may be the devil, and your comfy, cool bed may be heaven on earth, but TRUST ME! There’s so many benefits to waking up early and having that much more time to do all the crazy things you have planned, like all your goals/errands you need/want to accomplish. You’ll have so much more time to do all the things I’ve mentioned above. There’s no better feeling for me than to finish some projects and goals and realize the time. “Holy, its only 3pm??”


So get up and live life. Enjoy the sun, and travel somewhere. Take photos, gain precious experiences, and fill your life with amazing beautiful memories that will turn into stories. One day this will all be your legacy!


That’s it for now! Have a great summer!


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