My Journey As A YorkU Lion!

I’m super excited to be writing this week’s blog post because it allows me to share my journey at YorkU (thus far) through a timeline of photographs. I’ll be sharing photos from different York University locations and events, while highlighting the things I’ve learnt through those moments of being involved.

Well, without further a due, let’s start the show 🙂

My First O-Week!

Before I came to York University, I was already friends with a lot of YorkU students, who actually were a big part of why I made the decision to come to York. This photo represents my first O-Week with McLaughlin College, which I chose to attend to get more exposure to what it would be like to get involved. I wanted to meet more people and spend a great week with all my friends. We found some orange jumpsuits in Kensington Market, and wore them throughout O-Week. We were known as M*Sync from that moment on, and even made appearances in O-Weeks after.


My First Intramural Championship!

Straight out of the gate, I found myself involved with intramural sports. This was a photo of my first championship with McLaughlin College in Inner-Tube Water Basketball. This championship was meaningful to me because it’s a difficult task to win a championship (which many of my peers did not win one until their 3rd or 4th years), and it meant a lot to me accomplishing this during my first year.

Not done yet! Undefeated Flag Football Champs!

In the same year, I managed to claim several other championships, one in particular where my Tier 2 Mac Flag Football team went undefeated through the entire season and playoffs to capture the first every playoff appearance in 6 years, and first ever Flag Football championship. I learnt so much from the Coordinator that year (who is also my roommate and friend, Todd Christensen), on how the game works, and how it should be played. I would say I held the record in sacks that year. It was a great feeling ending the season and game in a sack.


Broomball Champions!


Rookie of the Year!

It was a pleasure to play intramural sports with Mac and all my friends, and with all of our achievements, I was graced with the honour of York’s Rookie Of The Year. I was proud to bring that back to McLaughlin and represent what we truly accomplished this year. Not many athletes win this award, as you can only achieve this goal in your first year. One chance. One Opportunity.

Rookie of the Year

SIRC Banquet

McLaughlin College Assistant Coordinator for Sport and Recreation

After a terrific first year of athletics, I was given the opportunity to become the next Assistant Coordinator of Mac, where I was able to achieve some really great thing,s such as: incorporate a new logo, hoodies, sweatpants, and the way we promoted athletics.


At the Absinthe Pub on campus with some fellow Mac students

Attending the TEDxYorkU 2014 Conference

I was so inspired by all the speakers and the overall event, I was given the opportunity to work with the TEDxYorkU club. I am now one of the Directors of Marketing and Promotions.


Watching the Olympic Gold Medal Men’s Hockey game at Shopsy’s on campus

Photo 2014-02-23, 9 51 34 AM

Canada Wins Gold @ Shopsy’s!

My favourite place on campus!

Beach Theme Day at SCLD!

These are just a few shots of my journey as a YorkU Lion, from my first year all the way until now. I truly can say that everything I’ve learnt, from life lessons to knowledge I can use in the working field after university, have come from all of my extra curricular activities, clubs, and my involvement with student government. I highly recommend getting involved with your campus (if you have not already), so that you can not only learn new experiences for yourself, but also to teach the students who will be replacing us for the future.


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