VHL Midway Season Update 2014


Christmas has passed and there still is no sign of snow.. Luckily, hockey starts again tonight, and today I will be writing about the halfway mark of our 2014-2015 season.

I’ve been in this league for 6 years now, and never have I seen standings this close before. It’s nice to see everyone working so hard to get that title. Trades have been made, especially from The Master of The Mantice Rapture who, at no surprise, has Edmonton Oilers v Philadelphia Flyersthe most trades of the season, and barely has any players left on his roster that he originally drafted. He has swayed back and forth on the teeter-totter, deciding whether to throw in the towel for the season or to commit and go full out for the title this year. Based on his track records as of late, I’m sure the entire league knows his goal now. Steven Glanville has done a tremendous job acquiring veteran players like Toews, Datsyuk, and Zetterberg to his roster to help with the scoring department while adding superstars like Giroux. It’s quite an exciting ride to see datsyuk-toews-600all the trades he has managed to pull through, although I fear his future assets and his roster for next year will pay the price and hurt from this championship run with no 1st or 2nd round picks. But that’s how it’s done right? “Go big or go home?” Only time will tell.

An interesting story comes from the new expansion teams of this season, the ZuZu Zendsbees and The Dirty Rascals. Both GMs have their teams on each side of the spectrum. ZachParise-POTWWe have the ZuZu Zendsbees leading the league with 2594.4 PTS. It’s nice to see the success of this team, despite the odds of coming in with no superstars. Alex Hendsbee has made some good moves to acquire assets like Zach Parise, and I hope to continue to see his success with his team. Having 3 starting goalies RINNE_672_030314(Luongo, Holtby, & Marc-Andre Fleury) has definitely been the deciding factor in this case, while Pekka Rinne has been phenomenal for the Shut Your 5-Holes.

Malkin has been consistently producing, although he is in his final year of his contract… We’ll wait and see if any major trades are done within the Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 6.24.55 PMnext few weeks or at Trade Deadline from their GM Nick Williams.

On the other side of the expansion team spectrum, we have Dalton and The Dirty Rascals, who made some moves before the Christmas holidays, and I’m quite pleased with them all. The GM has taken the ride in last place well, and has been acquiring 786x517building blocks for next year, such as acquiring young forward Alex Galchenyuk, and defenseman Victor Hedman from the The Master of The Mantice Rapture. Corey Crawford is now back from his injury, so we will see if any teams hurting in the goalie department will take a chance on grabbing the Chicago goaltender from his roster.

Team Titty City has been rumoured to be actively shopping Steven Stamkos as he is in his final year of his contract. It’s been an up and down ride for the GM as his team can’t seem to hold on to the top stop. The goaltender is the heel to his Achilles, and with the Christmas holiday having more free time for GM’s around the league, it will be interesting to see where a lot of players who are also in their final year will go. Players such as Ryan Getzlaf & Corey Perry, Taylor Hall & Jordan Eberle, Matt Duchene & Patrick Kane, and many more.

(Free Agents list will be available soon)


Stamkos Trade

Steven Stamkos has been traded to The Father Of Gods And Men for Goaltender Tuukka Rask and a 3rd round draft pick. This is a big move for the 2nd year GM, and Liam has addressed his goaltender issue by adding the talents of Rask while Steve Mason is side-lined. The addition will definitely help out his point per game production, and he will hopefully see a climb in the standings. As for The Father Of Gods and Men, their goalie situation has gone from bad to worse, and begs the question, is he still going to try and win this year?

The Jagr Bombs have been the sneaky wolves this year as they move up the rankings to 4th place. Hopefully their GM can acquire a goaltender to help his team out, as Kari Lehtonen has not been helping in that department, and rumour has it that side-lined Sergei Bobrovsky might be traded before the trade deadline.


The Mother Puckers have officially decided to tank, becoming last year’s NHL Buffalo Sabers, trading all his players away for aBen Bishop and Ryan Jossets for the coming year. It will be crazy to see what he does with his multiple 1st rounds picks, and strong building blocks like Ben Bishop and Ryan Johansen. Next year’s draft pool appears to be a strong one, so 2015-2016 is looking good for this young GM.

Earlier this month on Dec 10th, The Crosby and friends traded away P.K Subban and a 4th to the ZuZu Zendsbees for Filip Forsberg … I don’t know what to say about this transaction, as I’m sure a lot of GM’s around

ph tradethe league are scratching their heads on this one as well. Maybe the GM see’s something we don’t…I mean, Nikita Kucherov is killing it now after the trade between BEE and NIKE. But again, only time will tell if this rookie will become a superstar, or if he will be this year’s version of Bo Horvat in the Cory Schneider NHL trade.

Ryan Miller has won his past two starts after what appeared to be a rough patch for the majority of December. Could he turn it around for the Godzirra Gayaka Gayakaor will he find himself in the headlines traded to the teams in dire need of support in the crease?


As we hit the midway point of the season with ZuZu Zendsbees in 1st place, it’s going to be an exciting and tight race to the very end, or at least until Trade Deadline on Thursday, March 26, 12PM ET, and then the real fun begins, and I can’t wait to see that. Will Team Dhillon get Corey Perry back and somehow find his way to the top again for a 3rd consecutive championship, or will someone finally overthrow him and be the first to hoist the Selanne Cup?


This has been a quick VHL update, until next time guys.