I’m a Media & Communications Ambassador! But What Does That Mean!?

Photograph of author at McLaughlin Formal.

Photograph of author at McLaughlin College Formal

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog! My name is Jeff Thammavongsa and I’m a 2nd year student going into his 3rd year at York University in Disaster and Emergency Management. I am proud to announce that I am one of your Media & Communications Ambassadors for the *new* unit here at SCLD! (Student Community and Leadership Development)

Here is a little back story about myself before I continue.. I came to York University to earn a degree (yeah no kidding!), but no really, the real reason is because I want to work for the Canadian government as an Intelligence Officer, but to do that I need a university degree, and that is why I came to York University. 🙂

Sheridan College Class photo of Author

Sheridan Class Photo of 2011

I graduated from Sheridan College in Public and Private Investigations, which has given me the education and experience I need to work in the police force. This is nice, but ultimately I want to work for CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) and if you don’t know what CSIS is, it’s basically the C.I.A but for Canada, so if you haven’t heard of them, I suppose you could say they’re doing their job well. 😉

My heart was set on Design, Illustration and Photography at Sheridan, until all that changed within two weeks before school started. I chose to switch my career path, and now look where I am! During my time here at YorkU, I thought I might as well learn something useful and beneficial to my future job, so that’s why I’m studying DEM.

Although this is my career path, I learnt that we all learn more and more about ourselves during our time in University, and that’s how I’ve come to realize that no matter what I’m doing, I’m still gravitating to designing and creating art. So here I am in my new role with the Media and Communications team, and I’m excited to see where life takes me from here.

I believe this new Media team will be the glue that will not only help support and promote all the units of SCLD to maximize exposure to the best of our ability, but also unite and bond all the units tightly.  You can meet my team by visiting their blogs as well:

I look forward to working with the Health Ed and Promotions unit, as I am their liaison for the year. So stay tuned for some interesting facts about sleep! 😉

I love being involved, and I believe that having a good balance of an academic and social life are the keys to having the full university experience here at YorkU, where you can create connections that last a lifetime.

Some of the ways I’ve gotten myself involved (so far) are:

Photo of students in Orange Jumpsuits


Orientation Week

College Council

School Clubs 

  • Vice-President of Communications – Work and Labour Studies Student Association

    Photo of website author and Nikki Silaev

    Photo at TEDxYorkU 2014 with Nikki Silaev.

  • Director of Marketing and Promotions – TEDxYorkU
  • Working on creating a new club called the Disaster and Emergency Management Students’ Association (DEMSA)

Student Intramural Recreational Council (SIRC)

  • Athletics Representative – McLaughlin College
  • Awards Committee Member
  • Secretary
  • Rookie of the Year


Hype Photograph of Author In Orientation week

Orientation Week

My life wouldn’t be complete here at York unless I played intramural sports. Playing sports allows me to have that escape from the stresses of life in a healthy, active way, and it’s FREE! Just head over to IMLeagues, create an account, and join a sport!

(Just make sure you join your college affiliated team, and if you don’t know what college you’re affiliated with, head over here -> “What’s my college affiliation?!”)

*Look for future posts about intramural sports for further explanation about how to join, the system of the torch, and the benefits.

team photo holding a plaque

SIRC Banquet Photo

“There are things on a court that cannot be taught in a classroom.” – Unknown

These experiences have allowed me to build a network and gain the rapport needed that has allowed me to meet the people who have inspired me; some of which have become my role models.

Models wearing authors apparel he designed.

I’ve been given the opportunity to design and create logos, posters, and banners; apparel ranging from t-shirts, to hoodies, to sweatpants; water bottles, pens, etc. that I can now add to my professional/personal portfolio.

I currently use many popular social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, and instagram, however, I want to improve on my blogging skills.

“With every failure comes with it the seeds of an equivalent success.” – Napoleon Hill


My goal here is to add blogging to my social media resume, and to provide all my followers with interesting, engaging, and beneficial content that can not only help students from York University, but any online wanderer who comes across my blog.

“I want to inspire the uninspired.” – Unknown

I hope you enjoy your time here, and if you’re interested, feel free to follow me on any of my other social media platforms:


Twitter Logo  Twitter: https://twitter.com/Epyeon

Tumblr Logo Tumblr: http://epyeon.tumblr.com

Instagram Logo  Instagram: http://instagram.com/epyeon

Facebook Logo  Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EpyeonsPage

Pinterest Logo  Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/epyeon/

YouTube Logo  YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Epyeon/

Google Logo  Google+: https://plus.google.com/113353512465591577851

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